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Safe Workers Save Lives

The new campaign "Safe Workers Save Lives" was created in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, considering that it is exposing the vital need for quality public services - especially well-staffed, resilient public health systems. 

The campaign is there to call on governments to do all in their power to provide workers in the health sector and frontline public services with the Personal Protective Equipment and training they need to save lives as well as quality working conditions to ensure they are not put at undue risk in the fight against Coronavirus.

Their long term goal is to build stronger, universal public healthcare systems which are well-resourced, well-staffed and better prepared to respond to future health crises.

Please visit the website, for more information on the campaign: https://peopleoverprof.it/

Photo credits: https://publicservices.international/resources/news/public-health-br-once-and-for-all-?id=10648&lang=en