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Spotlight on financial justice: Understanding global inequalities to overcome financial injustice

The Spotlight on financial justice, published by the Citizens for Financial Justice, reflects their interest on informing, connecting and empowering citizens to act together to make the global finance system work better for everyone. 

Rising inequalities between the global North and South, the economically privileged and the marginalized, between different genders and racial identities, have been historically reproduced and intensified across generations, and are defining features of our times. For instance, while global challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation undoubtedly affect all of us as humans living on Earth, they certainly do not affect us all equally. Differences in geographic location, economic status, gender, age, all come into play if we look at the groups who are systematically suffering from climate change’s harsh consequences.

This is because the current rules of our global economy reproduce a vicious circle of inequality: growing economic inequality and wealth concentration increase political inequality by expanding the ability of corporate and financial elites to influence policy-making and protect their wealth and privileges. Higher levels of inequalities are then passed on to the next generations, culminating in long-term disparities and unfairness felt by marginalized groups.

The document is available below.

Photo Credit: https://citizensforfinancialjustice.org/news/cast-the-spotlight-on-financial-injustice-to-tackle-rising-inequalities-says-new-report/