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The Agroecology Haiku

From a smallholder farmer, with love


A peasant with hunger
A proud servant of the earth’s soil
Last spasm of his soul?


Cheap food is expensive

Broken food systems
Only yield growth per hectare counts
Bondage so clever


Mother earth helps farm
Anesthetised indifference
Planet in ruins


These are no peasants
Climate refugees as destiny
Sticky rush for nature

Race to the bottom

No right to a fair price
Feed them leftovers in the dark
Consumers roll the dice

Unloved or simply unknown?

Not just about food
The invisible becomes visible
Biodiversity guardian


Not only for nature’s sake

More complex than nature docs
Not only nature’s sake…

This is a “green job”
Long before the word was coined
No jobs in return


We must get the story straight

Beyond a passion
Food as a gift from their soil
Unconditional devotion

Seeing the Unseen
A new lens for True Value Farming
Win-win for all


Farm and nature in harmony
Rare recognition

Please visit the link for the article and haikus, by Tomas Declercq, that depicts agroecology with Van Gogh's representations of the peasant workers: http://www.teebweb.org/truevaluefarm/

Photo credits: http://www.teebweb.org/truevaluefarm/