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The Basque feminist movement creates a technical table to face the care crisis

The article in the newspaper El Salto shows the political action of the Basque feminist movement in response to the crisis of the coronavirus.

They urge unions and political parties, as well as the Basque and Navarre governments, to join the technical table within 48 hours. " No matter how much they call it a pandemic, it is a crisis of care, and the inability of states and governments to see its structural dimension is alarming," warns the Basque feminist movement.

"No matter how much they call it a pandemic, this is a crisis of care". The feminist movement of Euskal Herria has positioned itself politically in a categorical statement and stuck to reality about this socio-sanitary and structural crisis that the Covid-19 generated. In order to manage it, they have created a hybrid technical table: with feminist militants and experts with a feminist perspective, which they urge to join unions and political parties within 48 hours, as well as the Basque and Navarre governments.

The feminist movement has the clear intention of not delegating the management of health care to governments and states, administrations that historically have not dealt with care in a brief way. The majority union in Basque education, Steilas, has been the first to join the table and it is expected that the unions ELA and LAB, as well as the political party Podemos Euskadi, will soon join. EH Bildu confirmed on Tuesday 17 its adhesion.
The unions CNT, CGT and ESK, also clearly in line with the feminist movement, could show their support.

for the full article, please visit: https://www.elsaltodiario.com/coronavirus/movimiento-feminista-crea-mesa-tecnica-crisis-cuidados

Photo credits: https://www.elsaltodiario.com/coronavirus/movimiento-feminista-crea-mesa-tecnica-crisis-cuidados