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CSM Paper on Feminism and Agroecology

Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples' Mechanism (CSM) for relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Paper on Feminism and Agroecology

Without feminism there is no agroecology towards heathy, sustainable and just food systems.

This document intends to inform CSM positions towards the upcoming CFS Policy Process on Agroecology and other innovations. A shorter version of this vision is also included in the new edition 2019 of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch of the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition. This text is the outcome of incredible collective work. It wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment and engagement of many special women. So special thanks to Zdravka Dimitrova for drafting this paper, to the CSM Coordinators of the Women Constituency Iridiani Seibert (LVC) and Azra Sayeed (IWA) for their drafting and strong inputs, to Nadia Lambek for her kind and valuable editing, to Nettie Wiebe (LVC), Isabel Álvarez Vispo (Urgenci), Alberta Guerra (ActionAid US), Ruchi Tripathi (Action Aid International), Marjo Busto and Sarojeni Rengam (PANAP) for their contributions to the text, to Alejandra Morena (FIAN and Watch editor) for the linkages and support, to Teresa Maisano (CSM Secretariat) for the coordination and overview and to the entire CSM Women’s Constituency and Working Group for their inputs and especially for the precious daily work both on the ground and at global level.

Photo credits: http://www.csm4cfs.org/