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Interview with Sophie Dowllar - The Feminist Struggles in Africa

In this highly inspiring interview the feminist, activist and human rights defender Sophie Dowllar, Coordinator of World March of Women (WMW) Africa, discusses how globalization impacted women’s livelihoods in Africa underlining the double burden of the financial crunch on women’ shoulders. As leader of WMW fighting for Peace, Security, Justice, Equality, Solidarity, Sophie testimonies that the movement proposes not only mapping of main struggles but also identifies and implements functional alternatives from below like Agroecology, Food sovereignty and Feminist economy. From a strong feminist perspective she explores gender based discrimination and violations to which women are victims. Following her, a call for connecting the local and global level of struggle by domesticating the values and the principles of an international movement is urgent. By applying creative ways of protests and occupation of public spaces, Sophie is showcasing the huge potential of artivism: the use of art for social transformation. Based on her own experiences: “My art led me to my activism”, she is highlighting the need to support artists to continue their progressive work and keep the struggle for women’s rights up high in the agenda: “We will march until women are free!” concluded Sophie.

This interview conducted by Brid Brennan, Transnational Institute, Netherlands is part of the process of global discussions towards the People's Sovereignty Network. It was held on 30 August 2019.