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Interview with Thomas Mnguni - Environmental justice can't be separate from the life of normal people

Thomas Mnguni, a community activist in groundWork - an environmental justice service and developmental organization in Middleburg, South Africa, part of Friends of the Earth International explores in this interview the impact of water and electricity power concentration and energy poverty on South African local communities’ livelihoods. “Social justice and equity are core aspects of climate-resilient development pathways!” said Thomas. He shows the interlinkages between environmental justice concept, human rights-based approach and ‘just transition’. Thomas presents alternative solutions to the extractive industry and land grabbing that lead towards food insecurity by involving people in decision making processes and enhancing the dialogue between communities, trade unions and workers. “Environmental justice can´t be separate from the life of normal people!” concludes Thomas.

This interview conducted by Carsten Pedersen, Transnational Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark is part of the process of global discussions towards the People's Sovereignty Network. It was held on 20 August 2019.