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EXALT Conference 2020: People's Sovereignty Network will hold a session on 22nd of October

EXALT (Global Extractivisms and Alternatives Initiative) will hold an online Symposium on October 21-23, 2020. There will be seven sessions covering different aspects of global extractivisms and alternatives.

Thursday 22nd of October, at 16.00-18.00 (EEST), People’s Sovereignty Network (PSN) will hold the session: 'Reclaiming Democracy from Below: from the Contemporary State Capitalist System to People's Sovereignty'.

              Join Zoom session:    https://bit.ly/35iHjiP


The Global Extractivisms and Alternatives Initiative (EXALT) is an international network of scholars, activists, and policymakers dedicated to collaboration and knowledge creation around the pressing crisis stemming from extractivist policies and practices. This initiative draws together diverse critical analyses of the phenomena of global extractivisms and the myriad alternatives being actively pursued in both theory and practice.

The Symposium is an occasion for PSN to present its purposes, methodologies and contents.

Gonzalo Berrón and Nora McKeon will describe the world context which the PSN addresses, the objective of convergence it pursues, and the characteristics that distinguish it: building and learning from people’s concrete struggles and efforts to construct, offering a space and instruments for movements and communities to exchange and learn from each other, experimenting with co-production of knowledge between movements and academic and civil society activists.

PSN's first step was a collectively planned workshop that took place in Siena, Italy, on October 2018. From this encounter several initiatives were born, such as the preparation of a Special Forum for Globalizations (published with 6 months open access) on ‘Reclaiming democracy from below: from the contemporary state capitalist system to peoples’ sovereignty’.

The aspiration, thorough this EXALTS session,  is to build more and stronger links among social movements with different entry points to the same struggle against corporate capture of the economy and democracy – food sovereignty, extractive industries, infrastructure projects, violence against women and others – and more effective and respectful collaboration between them and engaged academics.

The introduction will be followed by presentations of three of the articles featured in the Special Forum and the methodologies adopted for the co-production of knowledge on themes that emerged from the Siena workshop:

 ‘Land, territory and commons: voices and visions from struggles’

 ‘Rethinking law from below: experiences from the Kuna People and Rojava’

 ‘Releasing the full transformative power of feminism’

There will be time for interactive participation and sharing of experiences and reactions. The session will close with a presentation of the activities the PSN is planning for the coming months and an invitation to engage.

If you want to participate also at other Symposyum session, follow this link:


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