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New report by CSM Women Woking Group on Covid_19 and gender inqeualities

The report released by Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism is "Gender, Covid-19 and Food Systems: impacts, community responses and feminist policy demands".

The report summarizes research around the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on women in and across the constituencies and regions of the CSM. It reports also acts of mutual aid and solidarity, as well as negative impacts experienced by women around the world. Finally, it identifies principles to guide policies and programmes.

So far, during Covid-19 crisis states and governments have failed to prioritize people’s interests, while corporations are increasingly dismantling the public commons to impose their own private interest. This pattern is also well reflected in the current production and consumption food systems.

Women disproportionately impacted by the Covid_19 pandemic, as they are literally on the front line of the crisis. Women are the majority of food producers and providers for their households, they are the majority of nurses, care and social workers, food and agricultural workers and teachers. Yet, they have been consistently overlooked and invisible in research and responses to the pandemic. Gender inequality and discrimination is shaping the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the report, concrete policy demands are articulated in four areas: 1) economic activities, markets and access to resources; 2) care work, public health and gender-based violence; 3) participation, representation and digital equity; 4) government responses and social protection.

Below you can download the report.