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30.03.2020 Exchanges
People’s Sovereignty Call on 20 March 2020 Notes

We are very happy to disseminate the report of the general call we had on Friday 20 March, which was attended by some 30 people. As you will see, we discussed the tools that have been developed since the Siena workshop and plans for the coming months. Now we have the tools that we said we wanted at Siena, especially the web lab, and we need to use them! Participants were asked to volunteer to work on two interrelated tasks: strengthening the web lab and developing the planning process for the Helsinki face-to-face dialogue.  These working groups are open to everyone! Please write to say which you would like to participate in. We aren’t sure that we captured the names of all the people who wrote their names in the chat, so please do let us know if we missed you.