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Festival of Ideas - 3rd session

The People’s Sovereignty Network is organizing a Festival of Ideas — in a series of three 2-hour dialogic workshops  — to share winning strategies of resistance and transformation in the current situation of economic and political power imbalances made worse by Covid-19. We will talk about ‘people’s sovereignty’ but we want to understand better what it means in practice, in our territories. We want to take a good look at what we’re thinking of when we talk about democratic decision-making by the people, or ‘democracy’. And we want to do so not by listening to lectures but by exchanging our experiences and insights, asking researchers and academics to give us some replies to our questions, and coming out with our ideas for concrete action and our creative products: including poems, posters, plays, political manifestos, and others.    

There will be three workshops: SundayJune 6, June 27 and July 18 2021 from 15.00 to 17.00 CET. 

Read more: https://peoples-sovereignty-lab.org/en/campaign_and_solidarity_struggles/i14/Festival-of-Ideas-a-dialogue-for-a-democratic-and-free-life-now!.html