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Day of the Landless 2020: Landless peoples rise!
The People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) is inviting everyone to join this year's commemoration of Day of the Landless, 29 March 2020. The Day of the Landless was launched in 2015 by the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC), and the date coincides with its founding anniversary. PCFS adopted the Day of the Landless as a global action in 2018 during its 4th General Assembly held in Thailand. 
For this year, our theme is "Landless peoples rise!It gives recognition to the landless rural peoples who are omitted and disenfranchised in today’s global narrative but persist in their struggles for land and life. 
We request our members and networks to conduct activities on or before 29 March 2020. Understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected 184 countries, areas, and territories worldwide as of this writing, it is our best recourse to maximize social media to broaden the reach of our calls. You may share the materials that the PCFS will release on its official online platforms -- websiteFacebook, and Twitter. If your country still allows public gatherings, you may hold activities such as protest actions, forums, assemblies, and the like. But please do take care and exercise precautionary measures especially if there is already a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your countries. 

The mentioned document can also be found below.
Photo credits: https://foodsov.org